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    We are a family operated business based in Inner West Sydney & serving Sydney wide. We pride ourselves in offering a quality service at very competitive prices, in fact as we are family run we have kept overheads to an absolute minimum & thus feel our prices will not be beaten in Sydney.
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    Mobile: 0452 490 616 E-mail: jumpingncastles@gmail.com
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    Terms & Conditions & Other: Jumping Castles

    FEES & CHARGES  & Other

    • 24 hours notice required for cancellation or fee payable in full
    • We install and dismantle free of charge.
    • The castle must be in the same condition on pick up as on delivery. If the condition of the castle is different in any way you may be charged a fee including a delivery fee to the repair factory is necessary.
    • We are liable for faulty equipment & negligent setup only & the thus the customer uses / plays in our castles are their own risk.


    • The area where the castle is being held must be 1 square metre bigger than the actual castle.
    • To deliver your castle we need access of at least 1metre in width. For the larger castles the access space is indicated in the castle brief, please ensure you have the correct access space.
    • Customer is to advise of any underground pipes which could be potentially damaged by staking the castles. Sand bags can be provided if there is a concern.


    • We will go through a Safety check with you to insure you are 100% satisfied.
    • Please do not move the Jumping castle once it has been installed.
    • The setup of the castle will take approximately 25 mins and 20 mins to dismantle and remove.
    • You must let us know if the castle is not going to sit on grass. Failure to advise may cause the cancellation of your hire.
    • No food, shoes, drinks, lollies or sharp objects inside the castles AT ANY TIME.
    • Please ensure that the smaller kids are separated from bigger kids while jumping.

    Terms & Conditions: Sumo Suits

    Sumo Suit Hire Agreement & Disclaimer – Please read & accept before hire

    When used correctly the sumo suits can be hilarious fun, but if used incorrectly they represent a serious risk of injury or even death to anybody using them. Please ensure there is ten feet of space all around the mat, the mat should also be placed on a grass surface Ash Jumping Castles  will not take responsibility for any accident happening as a result of there not being enough room around the mat.

    Your safety is paramount, in order for you to get the most fun and enjoyment from our equipment please observe these instructions. If there is anything you don’t understand or are unsure of please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Make sure all the protection supplied is being worn. The wrestling mats are not wrestling mats they are Sumo Wrestling Mats, to be used with all of the Sumo Suit equipment and this equipment only.

    Make sure that the helmet is being worn and is securely fitted onto the users head, not too tight so as to choke, but it shouldn’t be loose or able to move around freely.

    The Sumo Suit body is a ‘one size fits all’. This must be worn at all times.

    The Sumo Wrestling Mat should have plenty of clear space all around, at least 10ft but preferably a lot more. Spectators should be kept a similar distance away. When wrestlers fall they can easily fall or roll off the mat.

    The wrestling event should be supervised by two responsible adults at all times. If anybody refuses to wear the required safety equipment, then they can’t wrestle.

    You are fully responsible as the hirer for both the equipment and the participant, if it isn’t supervised for any amount of time then it should be shut down and no one allowed to use it until it can be supervised again!

    Ensure there is adequate First Aid equipment available before using the equipment. The Sumo Suits must be returned in an acceptable condition, i.e. clean, unspoiled and undamaged.

    No eating, drinking, shoes, glasses, jewellery, buckles, key-rings, metal-studded clothing, pets, silly string, toys or other sharp instruments or similar items which could cause injury or damage allowed on the sumo equipment at any time.

    Remember, these are hired for fun, do not be overly aggressive or enthusiastic, hitting somebody excessively hard or body slamming them is not advised, this won’t improve your experience using them but may hurt somebody quite seriously. The idea of the game is to force your opponent onto the floor or out of the circle, not to beat or crush them as hard as you can.

    Sumo Wrestling Suit Disclaimer

    Ash Jumping Castles will not be held liable in any way for any injury or damage caused whilst using these Sumo Wrestling Suits which may result in injury, death or any other loss or damages to me or anyone using the equipment while under my control.

    I personally accept all responsibility in connection with the Sumo Wrestling Suits, for any harm, injury, loss or damage including all associated risk that may occur while I am hosting, controlling and or participating in this event. I further state that I am over the age of 18 and legally competent to accept this agreement.

    It is my intention with this acceptance to exempt Ash Jumping Castles from all liability whatsoever for personal injury, property damage or death caused whilst using this equipment. I acknowledge that I have read and understood this agreement before accepting it. I verify that I understand the nature of the activities involved. I will endeavor to ensure that all people using this equipment are physically fit, and able to participate in the event.

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    Ash Jumping Castle Hire Sydney
    26 King Street Enfield, Sydney, NSW 2136, Australia
    Phone: 0452 490 616
    Email: jumpingncastles@gmail.com

    Jumping Castles and Sumo Suit Hire in Sydney.
  • Safety

    Safety is of paramount importance to us. Our castles & equipment are new, clean and adhere to Australian safety standards. The jumping castles also offer sun & rain protection and a safety net at the entrance. We have public liability insurance, currency of certificate available on request.
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    6am to 10pm
    7 days a week
    365 Days a Year
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