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Bucks Night & Something to Entertain


Looking for something to entertain the blokes for a couple of hours at the start of a bucks night to avoid crashing into the booze too fast.

Hire a set of sumo suits, they are some fun and will certainly provide some great memories of the bucks night which later in the night will certainly not

Any call or sms anytime to hire a set for your forthcoming bucks



Inflatable Obstacles Courses

Written by James Douglas, a guest review writer with Eleven Media who recently spent time with us:

Inflatable Interactive Jumping Castles / Obstacle Courses

I remember, when I was a youngster myself, visiting my county cousin to attend her birthday party. Her folks had set up an obstacle course that the US marines would have been proud of. I came home torn, bleeding and covered in mud. The new generation of inflatable obstacle courses combine the fun of jumping castles, with clean and safe challenges to conquer. They will test your physical fitness and dexterity, without stinting on the fun and laughter. Kids and adults will find themselves in paroxysms of hilarity, as they attempt to scale the walls, enter the tunnel, and climb to the top of the tower. Race yourself and others to complete the course in record time.

Inflatable Fun to Bounce Off & Challenge Yourself

There is nothing quite like inflatable fun. Young and old, find that the ability to bounce off surfaces, free of the fear of hurting oneself, delivers a healthy dose of freedom and unbreakable bonhomie. Inflatable interactive jumping castles and obstacle courses are seriously good fun. If you are having a party or getting together with a bunch of people, our Challenger Obstacle Course is a great feature to place at the centre of your function or event. Our colourful jumping castles and obstacle courses immediately attract a lot of attention. Who can resist the allure of the bouncy castle?

Large Inflatable Structures Inspire Fun & Action

Kids and adults cannot help themselves when confronted with a large inflatable structure. Stacks on the mill and throwing yourself onto the bouncy surface are common responses from people of all ages. Check out our Bungee Run, which is one of our newest fun obstacle course inflatables. Running and bouncing at the same time was never meant to be easy, but it is pretty funny to watch others try and hilarious to attempt yourself. You will feel fantastic, as you compete on this crazy Bungee Run. Stretchy elastic tests your endeavour and, then, pulls you back like a bungee rope into the bouncy surfaces all around you. Value for money entertainment.

Inventive & Innovative Jumping Castles for Hire

Inflatable obstacle course hire can put the good times back into your next family fun day, party or social event. Getting kids off the internet and outside into the fresh air is a healthy thing to do. Team building exercises and sporting challenges are on the agenda, when you rent the Commander Obstacle Course. This big, beautiful beast is in 2 parts, for some adrenaline rushing fun to be had by those contesting. Welcome to the big-time folks, a 15m course that is designed to put you all through your paces. Jumping castles are, now, more inventive and innovative than ever before.

Burn Off Those Kilojoules Laughing

Want to combat the obesity epidemic threatening our children and all of us adults too? The Energy Burner obstacle course will challenge the physical fitness of many, whilst keeping those smiles on the faces of all contestants. A chance for everyone to get off the couch and get down to some bouncing good times. There are jumping opportunities and tunnels and walls to encounter. This demanding and fun course will keep bouncers interested for hours. Affordable fun for everyone. Laughter is the best medicine after all.

Govt. Health Departments Recommend Regular Physical Activity for All

If you peruse those government health department websites, they all say that physical activity and fun provide huge health benefits for people of all ages. Being outside and having a good time, playing and/or being involved in a physical activity is helpful on so many different levels. Things like developing strong bones and muscles. Maintaining a healthy weight. Improving balance and coordination. Promoting social skills through interaction and team work. Encouraging self-confidence. These are, just, a few of the benefits from having some structured physical fun and activity. As parents, we must never forget about our responsibilities to facilitate these kinds of healthy activities for our kids.

Ash Jumping Castle Hire is Sydney’s number one inflatable interactive jumping castle and obstacle course provider.

Ph. 0452 490 616

Web. https://ashjumpingcastles.com.au/

James Douglas

Eleven Media Review Writer


Why Do Kids Love Jumping Castles?

Why Do Kids Love Jumping Castles?
It is no surprise to many of us adults, both parents and non-parents, that kids, just love jumping
castles. These inflatable structures attract children like ducks are drawn to water. A kid can spot a
bouncy castle from a long way away. I don’t know if it is the bright colour or something in their DNA,
but they just spot them straight away. The look on their faces immediately brightens and they are
focused in an entirely new manner. Impending excitement is in the air and their noses twitch in
anticipation. I have, in all my years, never seen a child indifferent to the charms of a crowded
jumping castle, which is alive with laughing children.
Colourful Jumping Castles Stand Out
How do I get on and how do I get to it? These questions are paramount in their minds, as we
approach the party or event. It may be a fair or a festival of some kind, or it may be a shopping
centre extravaganza, whatever, the colourful jumping castle stands out like a beacon of pleasure. A
lighthouse flashing warnings of bouncing good times directly ahead. My children are squirming in
their car seats, impatient to get out and get on. Every other part of the party fades into the
background before the bulgy, bouncy castle.
A Kid Can Jump & Fall in Harmless Fun
There is something about being able to throw your body around in pure glee, without the harsh
consequences of gravity and solid surfaces. A kid can jump amd fall in harmless fun, again and again.
He or she can take in huge gulps of air and scream in ecstasy, as their form is flung back from the
forgiving walls. It is like all the strictures and rules of ordinary reality are rolled back for these
moments of bliss. Kids are free from the boring physics, which underpin our everyday lives, for those
minutes and hours they inhabit their jumping castle.
Children Spend More Time on Computers
As human beings in the 21C, we live in an increasingly digitalised world. This means that our children
spend more time on computers and looking into screens, than they do having physical fun.
Technology is a blessing and a curse, in many ways, sure it saves us time on so many applications,
but it also demands an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. Sitting down, typing and staring into countless
screens is not a healthy occupation for children or adults. Getting outside and having some real fun
is. Using their bodies to bounce around and laugh is, also, a better thing to do with their time.
Childhood is Supposed to Be a Time of Innocence
It is easy to forget that childhood is supposed to be a time of innocence. Our kids are growing up so
fast these days and I do not know if that is being led by all this super-fast technology. Children are on
social media platforms dealing with cyber bullies and increased peer group pressure. Every child has
a mobile phone from an early age. The world is a far more complex place than it used to be before
all this innovation.
Put Some Bounce Back into the Lives of Children
Perhaps, it is time to put some bounce back into the lives of children? Time to enjoy some simple
physical pleasures again. Families have a responsibility to ensure that recreational time is good for
young bodies and minds. It is too easy to switch on the TV, let them play computer games on their
devices for hours on end, and before you know it the day is over, and it is time for pizza. Where has
the time gone and the opportunity to engage with the physical world? Have those kids burnt up any
kilojoules, before the carbohydrate rich dinner and sugary drinks hit them? Bouncing is good

exercise for human beings of all ages. A jumping castle may not be the panacea for the modern age,
but it surely deserves a place in the lives of children and families for all those right reasons.


Playful Grown Ups Love To Bounce!

Playful Grown Ups Love To Bounce!

Scientific studies into adult playfulness have found multiple positive therapeutic benefits: (https://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/health-and-wellness/play-is-important-for-adults-too-20170522-gw9ysw.html ). A study at the Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg in Germany, showed correlations between ingenuity, creativity and playfulness (Rene Proyer, “Examining Playfulness in Adults”, Psychological Test and Assessment Modelling, Volume 54, 2012 (2), 103-127). People who play are more confident and light hearted in their approach to living. Those adults who don’t play were found to be more stressed and not as happy.


The Importance of Fun & Play for Human Beings

Ash Jumping Castles know all about the importance of fun and play for human beings. It is well known how vital play is to the development of children, as it is how kids learn new skills and socialisation. Adult play, however, has been neglected in terms of understanding its importance to health, wellbeing and creativity. They see, first hand, the positive effects of play and putting the bounce back into the lives of adults and children. Their inflatable castle and super hero suit hire business puts wide smiles on the faces of participants seven days a week.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

We have all heard that expression: “Laughter is the best medicine!” The recent findings by universities across the globe confirms the fundamental basis of this statement. 

“Playful adults have the ability to transform everyday situations, even stressful ones, into something entertaining”, according to Professor Lynn Barnett, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Being silly and having the ability to laugh at oneself in appropriately playful situations can be an essential part of the rejuvenation process. It is like going to the well of playfulness to top up the necessary magic, which keeps us happy and healthy.

The Recharging Process of Play


The colourful array of bouncy inflatable realms at Ash Jumping Castles for kids and adults, hark back to fairy tale and fantasy. This link to our imaginary worlds is an important part of the recharging process of play. Super heroes, castles, princesses, fairies, clowns, gladiators, wizards and dragons are all elements in the stories that have underpinned our childhoods as human beings. They are conscious of these factors in the transformative nature of his business. Laughter rings out at parties across Sydney, where adults and kids enjoy bouncing around at play.
Shiny Faces in Rapture & Glee

The bouncy castle is a primal manifestation of unmitigated joy for children at play. To see those shiny faces in rapture and glee, as they interact with inflatable surfaces safely, is to be associated with something essentially good in life.

Mrs Aileen Conroy, owner of Ash Jumping Castles says, “I love my work, not everyone can say that about what they do for a living. We have an amazing range of premium quality jumping castles and inflatable suits for hire in Sydney. From the children’s birthday party through to the corporate team building event, we get great pleasure advising the organisers on ideas for the most memorable event”.

Laughter is Intoxicating in Itself!

More and more people are recognising that all work and no play is not healthy. Having an   inflatable castle for the grown ups lightens the atmosphere for all party goers with the ringing of peels of laughter. Laughter is intoxicating in itself. Seeing inflated sumo fighters in a bouncy boxing ring will bring the house down. There is a large range of adult jumping castles and party gear available also. Science shows that fun is the healthy alternative to seriousness. All play, including a bounce on a jumping castle, makes you more alive and  a great stress reliever when it comes to dealing with the fast pace of work and life in 2018.


History of Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling is actually a very serious business. It’s not just two fat guys jumping on each other!

Our Sumo Suit hire is awesome for a party but Japan’s national sport is quite fascinating.

Here are some things Ash Jumping Castles has put together that you might not know about Sumo…

Sumo is actually a religious ritual

Sumo originated around 1500 years ago in Japan. It originated in the Shinto religion and was performed at shrines to ensure a bountiful harvest and the hour the spirits. Sumo is still closely associated with its religious roots and Shinto principles govern the everyday life of today’s wrestlers.

Every newly promoted yokozuna (Sumo Master) performs his first ring-entrance ceremony at the Meiji shrine in Tokyo and wrestlers throw salt before a match to purify the ring in which they play

  1. The rules of the match

A sumo match doesn’t start until both wrestlers have placed both hands on the ground at the same time. Before this, wrestlers tries to psyche the other out, pretending to put his hand down and then getting back up again.

Once they finally do begin, it is very rare for sumo bouts to last longer than a few seconds – although occasionally they can up to four minutes.

This means that the action is very fast-paced and exciting. A match ends when one of the wrestlers is either thrown out of the ring, or if any part of his body apart from the soles of his feet touches the ground.

The match can also end if one of the wrestlers loses his mawashi, or loincloth – in which case the wrestler is disqualified!

Sumo life is really hard.

Sumo wrestlers’ lives are possibly the most rigidly regimented and disciplined of any athletes in the world, and life in a sumo stable is incredibly hard.

Lower ranked wrestlers are expected to get up earliest and cook, clean and serve food for the higher ranked wrestlers.

Sumo wrestlers haven’t always been fat

It was only very recently in the history of sumo that the wrestlers developed the chubbiness they are now famous for. Since there are no weight divisions in professional sumo, every wrestler just wants to get as big as possible so that he can use his bulk in the ring.

The sumo’s favourite food is chanko nabe. This is a special kind of hotpot packed with meat, veggies and noodles that is specifically associated with sumo wrestlers in Japan. Wrestlers also have a special routine of exercising on an empty stomach and sleeping after eating to help turn the calories they consume (up to 10,000 per day) into bulk.

Sumo wrestlers aren’t allowed to drive cars

Strange but true! After a serious car accident involving a sumo wrestler, the Sumo Association banned wrestlers from driving their own cars.

Sumo referees need to watch their backs

Like the wrestlers, Sumo referees or “gyoji” enter the world of sumo at a young age (about sixteen) and remain in their profession until they retire. The traditional clothing they wear in the ring is strictly graded according to rank, and as they progress up the ranks they earn honorific names by which they become known.

The gyoji also carries a sword, or tanto, to show that the referee understands the serious nature of the decisions he has to make – and is prepared to commit seppuku (ritual suicide by disembowelment) if he makes a bad decision!

Thankfully these days the gyoji usually just submits his resignation papers instead as a gesture of contrition.

Sumo wrestlers have to wear traditional clothes

As soon as they join a stable Sumo wrestlers are expected to grow their hair in order to form a topknot, or chonmage, similar. They are expected to wear this hairstyle and traditional dress at all times when out in public.

They also have strict rules for behaviour

Rules delineate that when out and about, wrestlers must be self-effacing and softly spoken, and during tournaments they should refrain from showing joy at winning or disappointment at losing.

Only one foreigner at a time!

Sumo stables are only allowed to have one foreign wrestler at any one time.

These foreign wrestlers are expected to speak Japanese, and must be well-versed in Japanese culture – meaning that foreign sumo face all the same challenges that Japanese sumo do, but with the added anxiety of having to learn to live and breathe like a Japanese.

Akebono Taro, born Chad Haaheo Rowan, became the first ever foreign-born sumo grand champion in 1993. He is a native of Hawaii.

Women can’t be sumo wrestlers

Sumo is a sport in which women are not aloud to compete or enter the sumo ring, as it is considered a violation of the purity of the ring.

This caused a bit of an issue when there was a female Governor of Osaka since the Governor traditionally presents the Governor’s Prize in the ring at the end of the tournament.

It wasn’t always the case that sumo was so hostile to women, however, and as early as the 18th century there was a form of female sumo commonly performed in some areas of Japan. Most of the time this was just a form of entertainment, but in some areas of Japan female sumo did have a serious role in Shinto rituals.


Jumping Castles Prove Hit For Corporate Team Building

Jumping Castles Prove Hit For Corporate Team Building 

Ash Jumping Castles in a recent interview with Eleven Media confirmed the growing trend of corporates hiring adult themed jumping castles as part of the company’s team building events.

Its well documented that fun at work helps to alleviate stress and build team morale and relationships. There is even an “International Fun at Work Day” on April 1 each year to encourage having fun at work.

The concept of Team Bonding has been around since the early eighties. It may even be one of those business topics that will evoke a few eye rolls. The first thing that comes to mind for many are those superficial activities that force people together into some sort of awkward scenario, with the participants hating the process and wishing it would end.

Team building games and activities have progressed since then and have been shown to help foster relationships, boost team bonding and morale as well as create more productive teams. Psychology studies have proved that physical activities have been shown to be very successful.

Mrs Elish Moran, owner of Ash Jumping Castles said, “Having an inflatable Jumping Castle or Sumo Suit event is proving a growing hit with team building organisors. The product range we have can bring any event to life, even if a large team or small intimate event, we have a suitable inflatable for any occasion.”  She went on to say, “If you’re stuck for team building event ideas, feel free to contact us and explain what you want to achieve. We can tailor our suggestions specifically to your location, crowd and demographic.”

Team-building exercises help improve communication and motivation, and they can help staff learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and through this aid working together which often creates an environment in which everyone can thrive.


About Ash Jumping Castles

 Ash Jumping Castles is Sydney’s leading hirer of Jumping Castles and Sumo Suites. They have the best selection of inflatables and have now introduced the new era of European jumping castles to complement their range for hire.

All jumping castles are compliant to the Australian Standard AS3533.4. The jumping castles also offer sun & rain protection and a safety net at the entrance. Ash Jumping Castles also have public liability insurance and a certificate of currency is available on request. They are extremely proud to maintain a 100% safety record.

For more information on Jumping Castles, please visit the website: https://ashjumpingcastles.com.au


Website: https://ashjumpingcastles.com.au



Secrets to a smooth children’s Sumo party

Secrets to a smooth children’s Sumo party

From Ash Jumping Castles and Sumo Suits Sydney

Make sure you have a Gyoji

This is the official Sumo referee; he or she should be skilled at crowd control – no matter how big or small your contestants!

Minimise distractions

The best parties are when everyone is focused on the ‘fighting’; it creates a human amphitheatre. Children can be distracted by the smallest things when they are waiting for their turn so you will do well to keep things like balls and balloons out of sight. Fortunately, having the party table laid out and ready doesn’t ever seem to act a distraction…more of an incentive!

Chairs aren’t needed

It is an important for safe Sumo that the area around the mat is clear of chairs. The children will be seated on the floor at the side of the mat supporting their team.

Don’t encourage the birthday girl or boy to pick teams.

Your `Gyoji` should sort out the teams by height so that everyone has the best chance of a good fight.

Sitting down

Your Gyoji is only one person in the midst of a dozen exited children. He or she should make a big deal about getting the children to sit down at the side of the mat whilst a fight is in progress. When the children keep this discipline he can spend more time on running the fights than on herding kids, resulting in more goes all round.



Sumo Suit Short Q&A

Sumo Suit Short Q&A

How long does it take to get a suit on?

  1. Putting on a sumo fat-suit is just like pulling on a big heavy vest, then all that is needed is the neck brace and helmet (both Velcro fastened). When you get used to it, it should take as little as 15 seconds to get a suit off one combatant and another 15 to get it onto the next. So to swap out one pair for the next is about a minute; leaving more time for posing and fighting!

How much space do you need for a Sumo Experience event?

  1. Ash Jumping Castles recommends about 5×5 metres, which is the size of our crash mat. You can also think about hiring our inflatable arena, which is perfect for kids and requires a space of 7m x 7m. Its always advisable to hold the games outside do kids (or adults!) aren’t crashing into walls. Don’t have space in your backyard for a Sumo party or bouncy castle? Think about letting your local council know and having your party in the park.

Which suits are right for me?

  1. See the ‘Sumo Suits’ page for further details; we have both adult and junior suits that cover all ages from approximately 7 upwards, but dependant primarily on the height of the combatants. We have observed that, well, those who have started to develop the attributes of a real Rikishi (Sumo wrestler) may find the suits a little tight!

How long should a Sumo session run?

This depends on the number of people you are hosting but towards the end of 90 minutes the attention of the children will start to wonder and the rules will be relaxed in response. Younger children will start to run around at this stage, which is quite natural. Even for 7 and 8 year olds you would normally expect to keep them all engaged for at least the first 75 minutes.



Trends in Corporate Events

Food carts, Pop-ups, virtual reality, holograms have all been discussed as trends in event entertainment.

However if you are really looking at engaging your team, clients or co-workers, bouncy castles provide a fun, energetic throwback to childhood.

Recent surveys also suggest attendees at corporate events expect more healthy options and exercise *. There is no better, more fun way to spend a bit of energy than an adult jumping castle!

Our Jumping Castles and Commander Obstacle Courses are perfect for the smallest or largest corporate parties and events in Sydney. Our prices are reasonable and your guests will be talking about it for months to come!

* Eventbrite Australia 2017

We understand just how significant it can be to make a great impression, especially when in concerns your business and corporate image. You want to stand out at your event and more importantly leave a lasting impression that will have people talking for time to come. Especially with so many events taking place on a regular basis it can be hard to stand out as not just another one of the run of the mill functions, and that’s where we shine!

We’ve heard it all Food carts, Pop-ups, virtual reality, holograms have all been discussed as trends in event entertainment. But if you want to elevate your event and really take it to the next level we know just how to help.

Because if you’re really looking to engage your team, clients or co-workers, bouncy castles provide a fun, energetic throwback to childhood not to mention build great team skills. They’re a proactive way to get everyone involved, having fun and bring both a nostalgic and thrilling element to any event.

Recent surveys also suggest attendees at corporate events expect more healthy options and exercise *. So there’s absolutely no better, or more fun way to spend a bit of energy than on an adult jumping castle or even wrestling in a comical oversized sumo suit and tackling one another!

Our Jumping Castles and Commander Obstacle Courses are perfect for the smallest or largest corporate parties and events in Sydney. Our prices are reasonable and we guarantee you an experience that will leave your guests talking about it for months to come!




Jumping Castle History

Jumping Castle History

The first corporate event with a bouncing castle happened by accident.

John Scurlock, a mechanical engineer from Shreveport, Louisiana, was experimenting with inflatable tennis court covers in 1959 when he noticed his employees jumping playfully on the covers.

He started out with a large air mattress and called it a “Space Walk”.

In 1967, Scurlock added walls. At that time, there were two inflatable fans, one for the mattress and one for the walls.

The first real castle shaped bounce was originally designed by university students in England around 1961 for a fund raising event.

Interesting fact: While Jumping Castles are now found all over the world, and we thank him for hours of joy, Scurlock’s finest invention was in fact the safety air cushion that is used by fire and rescue departments to catch people jumping from buildings.



Ash Jumping Castles


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