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Commander Obstacle Course (15m)

Commander Obstacle Course (15m)

This is one crazy inflatable that’s sure to get the heart pumping at full speed, and will really show you what you’re made of! Participants enter the obstacle course from one end and have to tackle the challenges ahead to cross to the other side, so it’s a great team building sport and perfect for large crowds as the everyone has to keep on moving. It’s an adrenaline rushing activity that’s going to have each person competing against one another. Suitable for both kids and adults this 15m course is a great edition to sporting events, church function or parties held in an open space.

This is our new 15m commander obstacle course- this unit is absolutely awesome, you will do well to find some better in the sydney market..

Great for large crowds, football clubs, schools or just back garden parties but do bear in mind its 15m long thus needs approx 17m x 4m to accomodate


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