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Taking Care of a Jumping Castle

Taking Care of a Jumping Castle

When installing a jumping castle at the backyard of your house, the safety of the user will be the most important thing.

However while concentrating on the safety standards don’t forget to think about maintaining the bouncy castle.

It is important to maintain the quality of your bouncy castle to get the maximum amount of use out of it. If you are hiring a bouncy castle for a day or for many weeks, take a look at our handy guidelines for preventing damage:

1. Make sure users don’t take hard or sharp objects on to the inflatable – this includes cutlery, glasses, cups, belts and jewellery.

The obvious problem here is starting a leak with the injudicious bounce of a sharp piece of avant garde jewellery falling from a sharply dressed matron. From a safety point of view, metal knives strewn on the inflatable whilst small children bounce away is probably not wise. However a simple belt buckle may also cause damage!

2. The users should be the recommended age group for the equipment

Large, energetic pre-teens with their angst and pimples should not be bouncing on equipment designed for three-year olds! Of course they probably wouldn’t be seen dead on a Dora the Explorer bouncy Castle…but do make sure you think about age appropriateness at your party. Bouncy Castles are weight dependent and we recommend weight limits for each bouncy castle in our range. 10-12 small children will come in under 400kg, but 10-12 teenagers probably will not!

3. Don’t allow food or drink on the jumping castle. Moisture can cause mould and food scraps can attract pests. The last thing you want are rodents hanging around your party and you also don’t want your castle looking dirty! Ash Jumping Castles delivers clean, quality bouncy castles for Adults and Children. If the equipment isn’t returned in the same condition as you received it there WILL be an extra cleaning fee.

4. The jumping castle should be on a flat area of land, avoid any sharp objects such as rocks. Always keep the ground clean – even a single debris cab can damage the castle.

5. Do not wear shoes on your bouncy castle. This is a no brainer…there is of course the delightful airless feeling of bouncing on an inflatable in bare feet or socks. However allowing shoes on the bouncy castle will increase the dangers of damaging and dirtying the bouncy castle.

6. Ensure that children are supervised at all times. Kids don’t really think things through all the time. Foolish or aggressive behaviour while children are flying through the air is not conducive to a high level of safety. They may also not think about removing shoes or leaving their sharp toys behind before clambering into the inflatable.

7. Try not to let adults on the jumping castle if they’ve been drinking! Apart from ensuring no food or drink regurgitation happens on your clean castle, you don’t really want guests hurting themselves!

8. Make sure material is dry before storage. Making sure inflatables are stored correctly ensures that they do not suffer from damage and are in perfect working order when they are next used.

9. Don’t allow too many users at any one time otherwise you will be over-burdening the jumping castle with excessive weight that it cannot take. We don’t expect you to inquire how much your adult guests weigh…that would be rude! However do look at the guidelines for each jumping castle – they will tell you the maximum number of people recommended.

When renting the jumpingcastle, check that it is insured and therefore it has undergone Australian Standard test. You can find details of our insurance policy on our website.

You can find top quality inflatable castles, obstacle course and sumo suits for hire at Ash Jumping Castles.

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