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Party Extras


Hi folks,

While jumping castles and sumo suits are the core business we do like many operators offer some party extras:

  1. Generator; we often get calls from customers looking for a generator or always thinking a generator is required when hiring an inflatable. This is not necessarily the case. A generator as the name suggests generates electricity and is only required when there no power available for example at a park or remote area.Our generators are 15hp which basically means they are very powerful & will power a  jumping castle blowers and a number of other devices, stereo, fairy floss machine etc etc. It is worth pointing out that we generators are very heavy & while they are mounted on wheels we can not navigate up or down steps with them. The generator costs an additional $125.00, they are big, hard to handle & love petrol thus why it may seem expensive.
  2. Over Sized Boxing Gloves;While the oversized boxing normally come with the inflatable boxing ring, we have found they are great addition when hiring a jumping castle, in fact you are really getting a 2 for 1 & they are a great addition to a jumping castles especially for teenagers & adults. If you want to square a matter once & for all hire these gloves and settle the issue in a manly way. At an additional $60.00 is well worth the additional spend.
  3. Joust Poles & Helmets; Simalerly to the boxing the gloves these accessories go with the gladiator duals but can be hired on there own to spice out a party. We have found people often hire them & use two milk crates as podiums & fight it out in a dual. The poles come with protective head gear. At an additional $60.00 is well worth the additional spend.
  • Safety

    Safety is of paramount importance to us. Our castles & equipment are new, clean and adhere to Australian safety standards. The jumping castles also offer sun & rain protection and a safety net at the entrance. We have public liability insurance, currency of certificate available on request.
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