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Repairing a Jumping Castle

We all know just how fun Jumping Castles can be that’s why we have such a great selection on hand to choose from because we want it to be center stage at your next event and for you to enjoy to the most your overall experience from start to finish. At Ash Jumping Castles it’s our guarantee to ensure that we only supply the highest quality, durable bouncy castles that are especially made for rough and tumble use. That being said well fully understand that accidents can very well happy and sometimes these things are unavoidable given the circumstance so it’s always best to prepare for the worst, because you don’t what could happen and you want to make sure that nothing puts a dampener on your occasion. So it’s never hurts to be prepared for the worst, and to assess the situation to figure out what you next step should be to fixing the problem. That way you know just what to do incase something should happen and it leads to a puncture or tear, which as you know will inevitably cause the castle to deflate and collapse which is not only unsafe but means absolutely no more bouncing on the castle, and of course the last thing you want to do is disappoint anybody especially if there is the possibly to fix it on site.


Now If there’s a major problem or large tear area then it goes without saying there’s probably little you would be able to effectively to do fix the problem and the best course of action would be to have it sent to a professional such as ourselves to get it fixed, we’re insured don’t worry and we’ll do out best to have a replacement sent out to you if it’s available because that’s the service you get and should always expect when dealing with Ash Jumping Castles. However if it’s just a small problem then don’t stress because you do have options and it might just be simpler than you thought to have it fixed and back up and running in practically no time! What you will need to get started in order to fix the tear or puncture is a repair kit and some transparent patches that will be used to bring together and secure the seams.


So first things first you need to find where exactly the puncture has happened, the best way to do this would be to inflate the castle again and pin point the precise location. Next combine half a tsp. of regular dishwashing liquid with a cup of water and brush this over the torn area with a paintbrush and see if any bubbles appear, this will show you the escaping air from inside the castle confirming this is the right location of the problem. Measure the length of the puncture and mark it with a pencil (greaseproof) then go ahead and deflate the castle again.


Now to fix the problem you will need a vinyl transparent patch that’s big enough to cover the affected area over both side, and you will need to clean the area that’s going to be fixed with cotton wool that needs to be soaked in rubbing alcohol. After this and once it’s dry softly roughen the surface with a piece of sandpaper. Spread a generous among of vinyl repair adhesive and position the patch bellow the seam whilst holding the other half away from the adhesive, gently smooth it down flat with your palm to remove any creases or air bubbles.


Lastly cover the repair with a strip of wax paper and place a wide heavy item on top until it has fully died, ideally until the next morning if possible. Finally remove the weight and peel away the wax paper and there you have it, simply reflate the castle and do a last confirmed check for any leaks the same way you did earlier with the coat of soap, if no bubbles appear then there’s no air leakage and your good to go.

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