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Inflatable Obstacles Courses

Inflatable Obstacles Courses

Written by James Douglas, a guest review writer with Eleven Media who recently spent time with us:

Inflatable Interactive Jumping Castles / Obstacle Courses

I remember, when I was a youngster myself, visiting my county cousin to attend her birthday party. Her folks had set up an obstacle course that the US marines would have been proud of. I came home torn, bleeding and covered in mud. The new generation of inflatable obstacle courses combine the fun of jumping castles, with clean and safe challenges to conquer. They will test your physical fitness and dexterity, without stinting on the fun and laughter. Kids and adults will find themselves in paroxysms of hilarity, as they attempt to scale the walls, enter the tunnel, and climb to the top of the tower. Race yourself and others to complete the course in record time.

Inflatable Fun to Bounce Off & Challenge Yourself

There is nothing quite like inflatable fun. Young and old, find that the ability to bounce off surfaces, free of the fear of hurting oneself, delivers a healthy dose of freedom and unbreakable bonhomie. Inflatable interactive jumping castles and obstacle courses are seriously good fun. If you are having a party or getting together with a bunch of people, our Challenger Obstacle Course is a great feature to place at the centre of your function or event. Our colourful jumping castles and obstacle courses immediately attract a lot of attention. Who can resist the allure of the bouncy castle?

Large Inflatable Structures Inspire Fun & Action

Kids and adults cannot help themselves when confronted with a large inflatable structure. Stacks on the mill and throwing yourself onto the bouncy surface are common responses from people of all ages. Check out our Bungee Run, which is one of our newest fun obstacle course inflatables. Running and bouncing at the same time was never meant to be easy, but it is pretty funny to watch others try and hilarious to attempt yourself. You will feel fantastic, as you compete on this crazy Bungee Run. Stretchy elastic tests your endeavour and, then, pulls you back like a bungee rope into the bouncy surfaces all around you. Value for money entertainment.

Inventive & Innovative Jumping Castles for Hire

Inflatable obstacle course hire can put the good times back into your next family fun day, party or social event. Getting kids off the internet and outside into the fresh air is a healthy thing to do. Team building exercises and sporting challenges are on the agenda, when you rent the Commander Obstacle Course. This big, beautiful beast is in 2 parts, for some adrenaline rushing fun to be had by those contesting. Welcome to the big-time folks, a 15m course that is designed to put you all through your paces. Jumping castles are, now, more inventive and innovative than ever before.

Burn Off Those Kilojoules Laughing

Want to combat the obesity epidemic threatening our children and all of us adults too? The Energy Burner obstacle course will challenge the physical fitness of many, whilst keeping those smiles on the faces of all contestants. A chance for everyone to get off the couch and get down to some bouncing good times. There are jumping opportunities and tunnels and walls to encounter. This demanding and fun course will keep bouncers interested for hours. Affordable fun for everyone. Laughter is the best medicine after all.

Govt. Health Departments Recommend Regular Physical Activity for All

If you peruse those government health department websites, they all say that physical activity and fun provide huge health benefits for people of all ages. Being outside and having a good time, playing and/or being involved in a physical activity is helpful on so many different levels. Things like developing strong bones and muscles. Maintaining a healthy weight. Improving balance and coordination. Promoting social skills through interaction and team work. Encouraging self-confidence. These are, just, a few of the benefits from having some structured physical fun and activity. As parents, we must never forget about our responsibilities to facilitate these kinds of healthy activities for our kids.

Ash Jumping Castle Hire is Sydney’s number one inflatable interactive jumping castle and obstacle course provider.

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James Douglas

Eleven Media Review Writer

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