Jumping Castles Prove Hit For Corporate Team Building

Jumping Castles Prove Hit For Corporate Team Building 

Ash Jumping Castles in a recent interview with Eleven Media confirmed the growing trend of corporates hiring adult themed jumping castles as part of the company’s team building events.

Its well documented that fun at work helps to alleviate stress and build team morale and relationships. There is even an “International Fun at Work Day” on April 1 each year to encourage having fun at work.

The concept of Team Bonding has been around since the early eighties. It may even be one of those business topics that will evoke a few eye rolls. The first thing that comes to mind for many are those superficial activities that force people together into some sort of awkward scenario, with the participants hating the process and wishing it would end.

Team building games and activities have progressed since then and have been shown to help foster relationships, boost team bonding and morale as well as create more productive teams. Psychology studies have proved that physical activities have been shown to be very successful.

Mrs Elish Moran, owner of Ash Jumping Castles said, “Having an inflatable Jumping Castle or Sumo Suit event is proving a growing hit with team building organisors. The product range we have can bring any event to life, even if a large team or small intimate event, we have a suitable inflatable for any occasion.”  She went on to say, “If you’re stuck for team building event ideas, feel free to contact us and explain what you want to achieve. We can tailor our suggestions specifically to your location, crowd and demographic.”

Team-building exercises help improve communication and motivation, and they can help staff learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and through this aid working together which often creates an environment in which everyone can thrive.

About Ash Jumping Castles

 Ash Jumping Castles is Sydney’s leading hirer of Jumping Castles and Sumo Suites. They have the best selection of inflatables and have now introduced the new era of European jumping castles to complement their range for hire.

All jumping castles are compliant to the Australian Standard AS3533.4. The jumping castles also offer sun & rain protection and a safety net at the entrance. Ash Jumping Castles also have public liability insurance and a certificate of currency is available on request. They are extremely proud to maintain a 100% safety record.

For more information on Jumping Castles, please visit the website: https://dev.ashjumpingcastles.com.au

Website: https://dev.ashjumpingcastles.com.au

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