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Playful Grown Ups Love To Bounce!

Playful Grown Ups Love To Bounce!

Playful Grown Ups Love To Bounce!

Scientific studies into adult playfulness have found multiple positive therapeutic benefits: (https://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/health-and-wellness/play-is-important-for-adults-too-20170522-gw9ysw.html ). A study at the Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg in Germany, showed correlations between ingenuity, creativity and playfulness (Rene Proyer, “Examining Playfulness in Adults”, Psychological Test and Assessment Modelling, Volume 54, 2012 (2), 103-127). People who play are more confident and light hearted in their approach to living. Those adults who don’t play were found to be more stressed and not as happy.


The Importance of Fun & Play for Human Beings

Ash Jumping Castles know all about the importance of fun and play for human beings. It is well known how vital play is to the development of children, as it is how kids learn new skills and socialisation. Adult play, however, has been neglected in terms of understanding its importance to health, wellbeing and creativity. They see, first hand, the positive effects of play and putting the bounce back into the lives of adults and children. Their inflatable castle and super hero suit hire business puts wide smiles on the faces of participants seven days a week.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

We have all heard that expression: “Laughter is the best medicine!” The recent findings by universities across the globe confirms the fundamental basis of this statement. 

“Playful adults have the ability to transform everyday situations, even stressful ones, into something entertaining”, according to Professor Lynn Barnett, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Being silly and having the ability to laugh at oneself in appropriately playful situations can be an essential part of the rejuvenation process. It is like going to the well of playfulness to top up the necessary magic, which keeps us happy and healthy.

The Recharging Process of Play


The colourful array of bouncy inflatable realms at Ash Jumping Castles for kids and adults, hark back to fairy tale and fantasy. This link to our imaginary worlds is an important part of the recharging process of play. Super heroes, castles, princesses, fairies, clowns, gladiators, wizards and dragons are all elements in the stories that have underpinned our childhoods as human beings. They are conscious of these factors in the transformative nature of his business. Laughter rings out at parties across Sydney, where adults and kids enjoy bouncing around at play.
Shiny Faces in Rapture & Glee

The bouncy castle is a primal manifestation of unmitigated joy for children at play. To see those shiny faces in rapture and glee, as they interact with inflatable surfaces safely, is to be associated with something essentially good in life.

Mrs Aileen Conroy, owner of Ash Jumping Castles says, “I love my work, not everyone can say that about what they do for a living. We have an amazing range of premium quality jumping castles and inflatable suits for hire in Sydney. From the children’s birthday party through to the corporate team building event, we get great pleasure advising the organisers on ideas for the most memorable event”.

Laughter is Intoxicating in Itself!

More and more people are recognising that all work and no play is not healthy. Having an   inflatable castle for the grown ups lightens the atmosphere for all party goers with the ringing of peels of laughter. Laughter is intoxicating in itself. Seeing inflated sumo fighters in a bouncy boxing ring will bring the house down. There is a large range of adult jumping castles and party gear available also. Science shows that fun is the healthy alternative to seriousness. All play, including a bounce on a jumping castle, makes you more alive and  a great stress reliever when it comes to dealing with the fast pace of work and life in 2018.

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