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Sumo Suit Short Q&A

Sumo Suit Short Q&A

Sumo Suit Short Q&A

How long does it take to get a suit on?

  1. Putting on a sumo fat-suit is just like pulling on a big heavy vest, then all that is needed is the neck brace and helmet (both Velcro fastened). When you get used to it, it should take as little as 15 seconds to get a suit off one combatant and another 15 to get it onto the next. So to swap out one pair for the next is about a minute; leaving more time for posing and fighting!

How much space do you need for a Sumo Experience event?

  1. Ash Jumping Castles recommends about 5×5 metres, which is the size of our crash mat. You can also think about hiring our inflatable arena, which is perfect for kids and requires a space of 7m x 7m. Its always advisable to hold the games outside do kids (or adults!) aren’t crashing into walls. Don’t have space in your backyard for a Sumo party or bouncy castle? Think about letting your local council know and having your party in the park.

Which suits are right for me?

  1. See the ‘Sumo Suits’ page for further details; we have both adult and junior suits that cover all ages from approximately 7 upwards, but dependant primarily on the height of the combatants. We have observed that, well, those who have started to develop the attributes of a real Rikishi (Sumo wrestler) may find the suits a little tight!

How long should a Sumo session run?

This depends on the number of people you are hosting but towards the end of 90 minutes the attention of the children will start to wonder and the rules will be relaxed in response. Younger children will start to run around at this stage, which is quite natural. Even for 7 and 8 year olds you would normally expect to keep them all engaged for at least the first 75 minutes.


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